If you have any questions what so ever, no matter how trivial they may seem, please speak to us, we won’t bite and we would hope to give you every confidence that we can buy your hot tub from you at a fair price.

Do I have to commit to the sale if you send me a quote?
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No, if you change your mind at any point there is no legal obligation even though we may have agreed the sale.

However notice of 48 hours in advance is required. If we were travelling to you on the day of collection and for a reason you chose not to sell, then we would ask to cover the costs of our day out (fuel and labour).

Do I have to empty and disconnect my hot tub for when you collect?
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No, we will drain and disconnect the hot tub for you.

If your hot tub is purchased as working then we would like to see the hot tub on and running on the day of collection so we can test the operation. Our part P registered electrician will disconnect the electrics and leave as safe as possible. Draining of a large hot tub usually takes us around 15 minutes.

How will I be paid for the sale of my hot tub?
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Generally we like to pay cash on collection. If this does not suit you then we can arrange to pay via BACS or part deposit and part cash or via PayPal. Please contact us if this is something you would like to discuss.

Does my hot tub need to be clean?
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It’s not essential to be clean, if it is then great.

At any time if you have offered me money for the sale are you committed?
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We are 100% committed to collecting your hot tub if both parties have agreed on the sale. However if the tub is not fit to the description when we turn up to collect then we may refuse the collection of the hot tub, Example – If the shell on the hot tub was showing signs of cracking or osmosis, that we can clearly point out to you. If there was a problem with your hot tub that you did not know about that effects the quote, then we would give you the option of a reduced offer or partial advice about what you could do with your hot tub if we choose not to buy it.

Do you have a crane to move hot tubs?
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No, in special circumstances we have the option to use a third party Hi-Ab company that will lift a hot tub over a garage/ fence / or hedge at about 7 meters. We use a network of crane operators so most circumstances can be catered for. If you think your hot tub requires removal via a crane or Hi-AB then this needs to be stated within the questionnaire access details section of our hot tub quote form.

We use a dolly trailer with spa kart that would take any 8ft hot tub at ease.

Spa Dolly

What hot tubs do we buy?
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Working hot tubs / none working hot tubs / big hot tubs / small hot tubs / hot tubs with wooden surrounds / hot tubs with plastic surrounds / hot tubs that need lifting with a crane / hot tubs that are 1 year old or hot tubs that are 20 years old.

There is not many brands, shapes or sizes that we have not bought, just about anthing that is called a hot tub we will offer you some cash for!

Do you require cups of tea when coming to collect our hot tub
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Yes, 1 sugar with milk in each :)