IMPORTANT NOTICE: September 2023

Please note that we will not be accepting any new quotes or pricing inquiries at this moment in time due to being at full capacity with hot tubs being in stock. Any quote submissions or pricing inquiries received during this period will be automatically deleted from our system. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience and understanding.


We will only consider buying hot tubs that are fully functional, have a minimum age of six years, and are not manufactured in China due to the high number of people selling hot tubs. We will not purchase hot tubs from brands such as Blue Whale Spas, Palm Spas, Balboa, Canadian Spas, and others listed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and are updating our purchasing guidelines to reflect market conditions.

Tubs we will not purchase at this moment in time. NOTE if you submit a form that contains one of the BELOW brands then it will automatically be deleted from our system

Arctic Spas - Artesian Spas - Balboa branded hot tubs - Be Well Spas - Blue Whale Spas - Canadian Spas - Catalina Spas - Clearwater Spas - Combined Shipping Spas - Happy Hot Tubs - La Z Boy spas - London Spas - Luso Spas - Ocean Spas - On Line Spas - Outback Spas - Palma Spas - Palm Spas - Platinum Spas - Posh Spas - Sapphire Spas - Serenity Spas - Shoreline Spas - Sun Spas - Superior Spas - Thermo Spas - Tropic Seas Spas - Vita Spas -Whirlpool Spas - Zodiac Spas - ANY BRANDED SWIN SPAS

Looking to sell your hot tub?

Perhaps you have thought to yourself, I would like to sell my hot tub or is there a company that would buy my hot tub? Well, you have come to the right place, at Sell Your Hot Tub this is all we do. We will consider purchasing almost any used hot tub or second hand spas. It’s a very simple process!

All you need to do is fill out our Sell Your Hot Tub Details Form. This is a nice and easy form that also lets you add photos of your pre owned hot tub, this is so we can offer you the best possible price. After you have completed the form we will provide you a price for your hot tub or spa.

If you decide to sell with us then we will arrange a collection date and pay you cash upon collection.

Simple! Cash for my hot tub! Collected by professionals.

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We pay ££££'s for your hot tub !!!

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Thank you for a very easy and swift transaction for the sale of my hot tub. Hassle free, and the price offered was fantastic.

Mr K Kavanah, West Sussex
Mr K Kavanah Collected from West Sussex